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CW Activity - Malta
Opdateret d. 30.6.2018    

Donations are much appreciated

Next activity with 9H3EE will be in the upcoming CQ WPX CW Contest.

Flight and guest house are booked and ready. I have spoken to the guest house owner and we will find a good spot for my Mini 10m DX-Wire mast.
Antenna will be 9½ meter high with 9:1 UNUN in the bottom.
Rig will be my old beloved pal - Elecraft K3 100 Watt.

I will participate in the SO AB LP category (as usual) and I will look forward to have contact with you.

Look at this picture that shows the view from the roof to the north.

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Really bad conditions
Not what I had hoped for . . .

Stormy weather broked my 10 meter DX-Wire mast and heavy noise from the surrounding Mobileantennas and other electrical equipment did it allmost impossible to hear stations. It was really hard to receive signals and I did not manage to work all 48 Contest-hours.
Look at the Analyse here and listen to some records [Will Come ASAP].

  [27-11-2015:] Mast broken - picture - So I was on the roof again. Still very windy but gladly no rain. Mast broken so I had to make other arrangement. I made a horisontal 20 meter wire, endfeed with Diamond BB7V Balun and pointing north-west. Just 1 meter above the roof and close to the mobile-antennas. Still very noisy, but seemes to get better signals from north.

  [26-11-2015:] Was on the roof and tighten the antennawire. But still very stormy. Hope for better weather on friday! Until now only 99 QSOs - 29 Countries including USA and Russian Asia.

  [25-11-2015:] Unusual Heavy storm today and my antenna is damaged. I cannot go on the roof because of the storm, so I have to wait until tomorrow. I hope for sure that it will go easy.

So my trip to Malta is ready booked and all arrangements are done.
I have contact with 9H1PI Ivan and he helped me with sugesstions for a Ham-friendly hotel to stay. I ended up booking at the Paradise Bay Resort at the northern end of the main island. They earlier have had radioamateurs and find no problems with that. So I look forward to bring my 10 mtr DX-Wire Mini mast together with some wire and Baluns/Ununs for mounting at the roof. I've got a room at the top 4th floor.
Also I bring my Elecraft K3, my morse paddle and my Lenovo X301 laptop.

I look forward to meet you all in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. BCNU


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